Mark Hamby – Cultivating Godly Character

How do you draw your family back together in a culture that has gone adrift? What is the key to our hearts? Our children’s hearts? Does the Bible offer any answers?

Come to the 5th Annual Coastal Home Educators Conference in Beaufort, SC and find out how to Cultivate Godly Character in your children with gifted speaker, Mark Hamby of Lamplighter Publishers. As an author, speaker, and Bible teacher, what Mark Hamby enjoys most is helping his audience to remove the mask in order to expose the heart.

CHEC will also feature the Intro to Homeschooling Seminar and a full slate of workshops. We are also offering a Men’s Workshop Track geared for dads. A complete list of our workshops is available here: 2012 Coastal Home Educators Conference Workshop Schedule.

Here is a complete list of Mark Hamby’s workshops/keynotes.

June 8, 2012

Friday Morning – 11:00 am

Cultivating Character in A Sedated Culture: A Great Awakening: The Mind, Media, and Moral Imagination – We are entering a new Dark Age—one more subtle, more insidious. A culture sedated by sounds and images that deaden our senses and rob us of who we are created to be. “We are amusing ourselves to death.”  Join Mark as he exposes the damaging effects that certain kinds of media, electronic games, and literature, have on the brain, the conscience, the imagination, and a child’s moral and spiritual development. Most importantly, he will introduce a substitute that possesses timeless principles that can redeem, transform, and cultivate a hope that never disappoints.

Friday Afternoon  – 1:00 pm

A Passionate Pursuit of Excellence!  – Based on the life of Ehud the Benjamite, Mark will unveil the unique strategy that God and his parents used to prepare him to become a skilled and strategic warrior, confident leader, and a skillful entrepreneur.  In this seminar we will look at the assessment of a child’s natural abilities and the instructive insights that are necessary to cultivate in each child, teen, and passionate pursuit of excellence in every area of life. This seminar promises to be an eye opener for all ages—in more ways than you expect; but in a way you will never forget! If time allows we will go behind the scenes to see what inspired and motivated the great minds of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Einstein, Edison, and the more modern creativity of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and the Beatles. They all had something in common–something available to all

Friday Night Keynote -  7:00 pm Open and FREE to the Public! Bring a friend!

The Strong-Willed Parent  - One only has to listen to discover the heart of a child. Our goal as parents and teachers is to reach the heart, rather than simply realign behavior.  Too often, we depend on rules as the primary enforcer of behavior. Rules can change behavior, but they can’t change the heart. When parents and teachers begin to discern the difference between character flaws and purposeful disobedience, they will implement a gentler approach to reaching and understanding their children.  As a result, children will more willingly admit their faults and seek help from those they love. Children need to hear the beating of our hearts rather than the beating of our voices.  Join Mark as he relates his experience as a shepherd and the important lesson that you don’t become a shepherd just because you own sheep.

June 9, 2012

Saturday Morning Keynote – 11:00 am

Let Go or I’ll Break Your Leg  - Resolved Conflicts and Restored Relationships) Based on the manipulative life of Jacob, his rival relationship with his brother, the lack of relationship between his mother and father, and his constant marital conflicts, the stage is set for a life of deception—self-deception. Believing that holding on to a better inheritance, more children, a better wife, and a better job, will bring fulfillment, Jacob learns the hard way that he was holding on to all the wrong things in life. Join our journey with Jacob as we find unconditional acceptance in all the right places; but be prepared to fight because once you’ve found what you are looking for, you will need to hold on for your life! This seminar is based on Mark’s two years of research for his thesis and will cover sibling rivalry, marital conflict, parenting insights, and much more.

Saturday Final Workshop – 1:00 pm

Transforming Marriages & Parenting with Biblical Insight – Life transforming highlights from Mark’s recent travels through the land of Israel. Come and join Mark as he brings life transforming parallels and insights for marriages and parenting; as he reveals the truth behind the miracles at the pool of Salaam and Pool of Bethesda. This is one seminar you won’t want to miss!

Click here to register today for the Coastal Home Educators Conference!

The cost for CHEC is $12.00. This includes Friday and Saturday, BOOK Blast Used Curriculum Sale, Vendor Hall and all workshops. Your spouse attends free of charge.

The separate Intro to Homeschooling Seminar, with Dr. Carl Broggi. The cost for for this separate seminar is $5.00 per person to cover materials. Childcare is free with advanced registration.

Vendor Hall will open at 10:00 am Friday and 9:00 am Saturday. The BOOK Blast Opens at 9:00 am each day. All BOOK Blast sellers must be registered for the conference.

Our conference is child friendly and we welcome you to bring your little ones with you. There is no charge for anyone under 18. Childcare deadline is May 4th and is available only with advanced registration.

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