Daily Prayer for Homeschoolers

I recently updated my prayer journal to a daily format, praying for specific things on different days.  I wanted to be able to pray more thoroughly over the course of a week. This gave me the idea to address a different homeschooling need for our family each day instead of only praying in a general way.

Below is what I came up with for our family.  I have provided a pdf version here if you would like to print it out for your own personal use.

Sunday – Lord, please let this day be one of worship and devotion to You. Let our time together at church be one that demonstrates faithfulness and a tender desire to be with You and Your people. I pray that Sunday would be the most fun, exciting and enjoyable day of the week for our family. Let them think of this day as Your day, set apart for You.  Make us teachable today. I pray that you would teach, rebuke and encourage our family through Your Word today. Help it to prepare us for the week to come. 

Monday – Let this day be your day. Please help us to begin the week well. I pray that I would teach my children Your Word as first importance today and every day this week. Do not let me be drawn away by the seemingly urgent, and neglect what is most important. Please put a hedge of protection around our family from Satan’s attacks. Please also keep us from giving into the desires of our flesh this week. I ask your blessing and help today as we learn together.

Tuesday – Let me spend personal time with You. Prepare me daily for spiritual battle. Keep me from pride. Make me willing to be led by the Holy Spirit. Make me teachable.  Let me take seriously the need to provide boundaries, direction and affirmation for my children. Let me know each of my children and know their strengths and weaknesses. Do not let me be deceived into thinking that they are not sinners. Help me to pray for my children, encourage them, love them and discipline them in integrity. Help me to always probe for  the heart attitude and heart motive for each situation we encounter throughout the day. Do not let me be content with surface discipline. Do not let me gloss over bad attitudes, disobedience, or laziness. Help me point them continually to their need for Your mercy and grace.

Wednesday – Let me adjust and plan my curriculum so that we are continually immersed in Your Word and growing in wisdom. Help our family be wise to the things that are good and innocent to the things that are evil (Romans 16:9). Help us to grow in biblical wisdom. Help me to teach my children every subject from a biblical perspective. Let me have clear goals for each subject area and help me to focus on the end goal of why I am teaching it. Do not let me distracted with what everyone else is doing. Let me do exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

Thursday – Help me teach my children a good work ethic, ”Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.” (Col 3:23) Help me to set a good example. Do not let me be undisciplined but  hard worker who has a plan for each day, who is unable to get away with sin in this area. Help me give my children meaningful work in addition to their school work. Help me teach them to do their  work with excellence. Help me to teach them how to do their tasks properly and to inspect what they do. Help me to encourage them and make work a joyful, rewarding experience. Help my kids to know that they are needed, valuable members of our family. Help me to be a brick wall when my kids sin in this area. Help me to teach them the natural consequences of laziness.

Friday -  Please give our family like-minded friends. Give my kids friends who will encourage them in righteousness and rebuke them in love. I pray for encouraging, godly friends who will help me to grow in faith. Help me to encourage others and bring people into my circle. Give me a humble heart that acknowledges that God is working in different ways in each family and in each family’s homeschool. Help me to build up and not tear others down. I pray for a servant’s heart and the ability to reach out to those around me. I pray that I would model that for my children and that they would also reach out to those around them. Help our family to make a difference in our community, yet be protected from the evil one (John 17:15).

Saturday – Help me to plan for next week. Help me be well-organized and prepared.Please help me to gather all needed materials and look ahead to what we need to cover. Reveal to me my children’s weaknesses and strengths and what I need to concentrate on academically. Let me adjust my plans to Your prompting and their needs.  Give me the strength and endurance to work hard no matter what the obstacles next week. Help me to finish well. Help me to also finish any loose ends from this past week today.

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