Wow! Lamplighter Theatre is Here!

Sir MalcolmRemember the homeschool conference? Remember Mark Hamby? Well beginning September 4, 2009, WAGP Beaufort 88.7 will be airing Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince - the first ever dramatic production from Lamplighter Theatre!

Listen on Saturday Sept 5th at 8:30 am!

And we want you to be there!  With world-renowned talent, including John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings) and legendary comic Tim Conway, Lamplighter Theatre promises to bring adventure, drama, hope, and Biblical truth to every member of your family. A carefully assembled team of industry heavyweights is proud to present to you a masterfully crafted audio drama based on the best-selling book Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince from Lamplighter Publishing. So turn off the T.V. for a while, and tune your radio to Lamplighter Theatre for a family adventure you’ll listen to for years to come.

Lonely, and desperate to return to the comforts of palace life, young Prince Hubert has a hard lesson to learn – that kings are made, not born. Is it possible that a selfish prince must become a lowly servant in order to become an honorable king? Find out when you tune in to your local radio station and listen to Lamplighter Theatre’s Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince!

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